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Dani is a Toronto based artist specializing in party caricatures. She has been caricaturing since 2010 and has provided entertainment at hundreds of parties. Her cartoony style is inspired by the animation she grew up with.


Dani attended Seneca College for Animation, she also works on TV shows for kids and adults.


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What is a Caricature? A caricature is a quick exaggerated drawing of a person. Different artists have different takes on the style. I don't exagerate as much as others, but I add a cartoony flair to everyone!

How long have you been drawing for? I have been drawing all of my life, but started taking it seriously as a career when I was in highschool. I have been drawing caricatures since 2010.

What is the difference between Digital and Traditional Caricatures? Digital caricatures are drawn with an ipad and printed, a copy is also sent to your guests email. Traditional caricatures are drawn with marker and pencil on paper, they are what you typicly see at festivals and marketplaces.

What is better? Digital or Traditional Caricatures? It all depends on what you prefer! Many people have never seen caricatures drawn digitally and find it impressive, but a lot of people like the feel of traditional style drawing.

How many Caricatures can you do? I average 8-12 people per hour for digital caricatures (coloured) or 12-16 people per hour traditional caricatures (black and white). Traditional caricatures can be coloured, themes can be added, this will affect the average.


What kinds of parties do you do? I draw at all sorts of parties and special events. I go to a lot of corperate events, weddings, showers, birthdays, retirement homes, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, holiday events, Christmas parties, market places, trade shows and many more. I have been booked for large events with 1000+ guests, and small events of less than 10.

My kids can't sit still, is that ok? No problem! You would be suprised at how well some kids sit for their drawings. I don't need anyone to sit perfectly still, it actually helps me capture more of your personality if you move a little.

Will you travel? Sure! Please let me know the location and I will include it in my quote.

When should I book? I book on a first come first serve basis, it is always best to book as early as you can to guarantee the date. 

What other work do you do? I  animate on tv shows. Some of the shows I have worked on are Corner Gas Animated, Mike Judge's Tales from the Tour Bus, and Finny the Shark. I used to work in 3D conversion and worked on cool titles like Spider Man Home Coming, Petes Dragon and The Hunger Games.


Thinking of adding caricatures to your party?

Please inquire!

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